What If the Team Fought in the Pyeongchiang Olympic Games ?

by Kazu

I don't like any iffy talk but speaking of curling games, I would like to ask what happened if this Canadian National Team of 2016 took part in the Olympic Games in Pyeongchiang.
 At least, this female National Team won the beauty competition to attract the attention on this globe.
Again, I did not know even the rule of curling game but I was struck by the head-to-head battle on the ice in "Hokkaido Bank Curling Classic 2016", in retrospect.


Think, shoot, sweep !


by Kazu

After contemplating where to shoot and place the curling stone, they restarted the game so calmly.Keeping their concentration on the ice may be tough for everyone. 
 On the slippery ice field made for curling games, keeping on standing may be tough for me.
Without thinking about a bath tub filled with comfy hot water or onsen essence, I would not be able to keep the games. 


Heat up !

by Kazu

Even the curlers of the  National Team have to be supported by many people understanding their tough situations, including their spouse, family and colleagues.
They have to be able to concentrate on each shot of the games. Each shot should be created with the support of their families and friends.
They are not professional. They do not earn money from the curling games. The prize of the game must be used for airfare from Alberta.


Beautiful Battle on the Ice !

by Kazu

It seemed that a variety of physical and mental training must be required to keep this form on the ice and place the stone at the best position. 
The coldness of the ice made it difficult to take best shots of the Canadian beauties fighting on the white stage.
I love the design of uniform worn by Canadian team in Olympic Games and other international games of sports. The arts of the function required and the sophisticated sense crystallized with the color of red and white. 


Canadian National Beauty !

by Kazu

The strongest curling team in Canada at that time showed us their beautiful shot and sweep in Hokkaido Bank Curling Stadium in August of 2016.
This is the first shot of the Canadian Team from Alberta. It seemed that they had put a premium on the physical training as well.
The battle on the ice started so calmly alluring the attention of the audience with the breathtaking form of the shot.


National Team of Canada from Alberta 2 !

by Kazu

It might be so exciting to see the beautiful ladies were scrubbing the surface of the ice in curling games. It was the first time for me to see such scene.
The attires of the Canadian national team from Alberta were so cool with the national color of red and white like that of Japanese rising sun but the block pants gave the chic, stylish,voguish twist.
When I was in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, there was no such cool design of thre curling wear. Red, white and black wear with blonde hair allured the curling fun so much.


The National Team of Canada from Alberta !

 by Kazu

I did not understand enough the rule of curling game at that time, to be honest but I learned so much during this curling games.
 I took care of the Albertan teams that were dispatched for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the friendship affiliation between Hokkaido and Heilongjiang. 
 Alberta Province also has the friendship affiliation with Heilongjiang, so we have the trilateral relationship. It can be said that curling game is the symbol of our relationship.