Mt. Iwaonupri 5 !

 by Kazu

In case of emergency, our cell. phones would play the role of saver but we use them mainly as cameras during our trekking to the peak.
The trail was well-maintained for the beginning of spring. The pressured tree trunks were bent by heavy snow.
 I carried her belongings including extra drinks because they were too heavy for her while trekking. When she needs water, I hand her  a bottle of water. Talking the talk, walking the walk.


Mt. Iwaonupri 4 !

by Kazu

looking back the lowland from the hillside of Mt. Iwaonupri, we recognized how far we were away from the entrance of the trail to the peak of the mountain.
 It seemed to start raining but I believed that we would be able to see the blue sky and the sea of clouds from the peak.
The peak of the mountain could be seen from the trail on the hillside. The slope was not steep at this point. My wife seemed to be remembering our trekking with our friend Norm and her past mom.


Mt. Iwaonupri 3!

by Kazu

The trail to the peak of Mt. Iwaonupri was surrounded by tall bamboo grasses strong enough to keep themselves green even in winter.
The skyline was vague with fog and clouds. Even from the hillside of Mt. Iwaonupri, blue sky could not be seen on that day. The ground of the trail was so ragged that we should step forward carefully.
My wife had planned the trekking on that day but she seemed to  be so tired of the pilgrimage on the trail. It will take one hour and half to reach the peak.  Deities !  


Mt. Iwaonupri 2 !

 by Kazu

This is the trail to the peak of Mt. Iwaonupri. The entrance of the trail is in front of the parking lot. White snow was left at the entrance of the trail and on the path.
 The branches of trees were on the way to the deeper area of the forest. Heavy snow fall bent the branches and seemed to hide the trail.
 It was getting cloudy and I felt the change of the wind with humidity. The wind from the ocean made the clouds at  the peak of the mountain and brought rainfall on the hillside.


Mt. Iwaonupri !

by Kazu

It takes one hour and half to reach the peak of this mountain called Mt.Iwao-nupri. Norm, do you remember the scenery from the peak of the mountain ?
At that time, we went up the trail with my mother in law when she was eighty years old. Norm, you were so surprised at my mother in law who was so powerful to conquer the peak.
Yes, the blue sky was so beautiful as we had stepped forward the trail toward the shining blue sky. I will go up to the peak again in not-so-distanced future, Norm.


Tsugaru Strait !

by Kazu

This is Tsugaru Strait that divides Hokkaido Island and the main island of Japan Honshu. Reflecting the sunshine, the surface of the ocean was so bright and beautiful.
 People living along this coastline may see the beautiful scenery of the ocean and sky every morning. The countenances change every day.
The strait swallowed many lives of tourists by wreck the ship that had connected Hokkaido and the mainland of Japan Honshu. "TOYA-maru" was the name of the ship.
Please check up the road to Sapporo City at  


St. John's Church in Motomachi, Hakodate !

by Kazu

The sacred house on the hillside of Mt. Hakodate was like a white flower shining. I do not know the architect who designed the building but I think he or she was talented.  
The historical residential area has many signs that show the history of Hakodate City. Some battles were fought here and the in the city but now, so calm and tidy residential area gives us no image of bloody war.
The coastline from Mt. Hakodate to Yunokawa Hot Spring Spa Area is so beautiful and comfy to jog along.
Would you try to stroll around the historic portcity ?