Moss Phlox Park in Ozora Town 3 !

by Kazu

Mt. Shari(dake) could be seen away from the hillside of the park. The peak was still covered with white snow on that day.
This area and angle was the best in the park on that day.White and pink colors allured visitors and was shaped like waves on the hillside.
My wife and I are planning to reach the peak of Mt. Shari(dake) next year but it is the habitat of brown bears that we do not like to encounter in the forest.


Moss Phlox Park in Ozora Town 2 !

 by Kazu

This park had been run by Higashimokoto Village that merged with Memanbetsu Town. The merged municipalities was named Ozora Town.
The most beautiful season of the Moss Phlox Park seemed to be delayed than usual. The color of moss phlox is not so vivid. That makes the world like a dream.
This hillside is covered with the flowers of moss phlox every year and insects such as bees and butterflies contribute to keep the beauty of the park. Please enjoy the mild color of the park at


Moss Phlox in Town of Ozora !

by Kazu

After having lunch in  BBQ restaurant TAMURA in Bihoro Town, we headed to the Moss Phlox Park in Ozora Town. The road went on and on to the east.
 Moss phlox flowers were blooming on the hillside of the park but it was almost 30% of the hillside.The beauty of moss phlox would peak out in a week.
The sign shows that ice cream colored with the moss phlox are sold at the vendor. So many tourists and citizens of the town visit there every year. How many people visited the park this year ?


Changing Landscape !

by Kazu

I could not imagine the total plan of this public work but due to the greenhouse effect and global warming, the precipitation might have increased and so called "Guerrilla Intensive Rainfall" occurs here and there even in Hokkaido nowadays.
Public works for land restoration may increase or have to be change the way and plan.
This is the landscape from the southern hill of Kitami Hollow.
Skiing and snowboarding gelande can be seen from the top of the hill near the graveyard where my ancestors are sleeping.
We headed to Bihoro Town to have lunch at a BBQ restaurant headquartered in the town.


Flood Control ?

by Kazu

I was so surprised at the change of the scenery. I had been concerned about the water emerging from the the ground near the Stone Garden.
As a result, a land restoration was being conducted next to the Stone Garden. There had been no river on this hillside but it seemed to be for flood control.  
To prevent landslides, the restoration might be planned and carried out. I had not recognized during my life in Kitami City. Something might have occurred to my hometown.

What happened in the forest ? 2

by Kazu

After the heavy snowfall, the forest changed its countenances so much and we recognize the difference after the snow melted up.
 I am not sure if anybody else recognized the difference or not but I felt something different from the usual scenery.
 I left the forest that had surrounded a hospital specialized for the patients of tuberculosis, and went to "the Stone Garden" adjacent to the premises.


What happened in the forest ?

by Kazu

It seemed that the trunk of the spruce was broken recently. I asked my aunt if she recognized any lightening these days or not but she did not. Strong winds ?
Neither she did.
A big brown bear did that ? No scratch on the surface of the trunk. But a small lump was on the surface. It might be a kind of tumor for the tree.
Every time I visit the forest of my hometown Kitami City, all of the existences there give me the power to live and fight again as well as the courage to love others. Yes, they are the resource of the power to proceed.