Lake Shikaribetsu !

by Kazu

Please enjoy driving with me.
The small lake near Lake Shikaribetsu seemed to be hidden in the forest. Two small lakes are near Lake Shikaribetsu.
One is Lake Shinonome and the other is Lake Komadome. Lake Shikaribetsu is at the altitude of 810 meters high. It is the highest point of the locations of the lakes in Hokkaido.
Two hotels are near the lake. Hotel Fukuhara and Hotel Fuusui accommodate tourists from other parts on this globe. Hotel Fukuhara has a Art Museum named Minerva.


Tokachi Plain !

 by Kazu

It has been five years or so since I had enjoyed a drive without my wife. In a sense, the drive to Tokachi and one-night stay without my wife was an adventure for me.
The scenery from the lookout on the way to Lake Shikaribetsu was rewarding and so beautiful. I felt the power of the land to produce high-quality vegetables.
 But the power of the land was brought by the efforts exerted for decades by the ancestors who develop the fields. It seemed that the lake behind the mountain might be covered with cloud but the sunshine was still so bright.


Organic Veggie Restaurant in Kai-Furano Town !

 by Kazu
 I chose organic veggie curry with big bell-pepper, carrot, pumpkin and potato. My wife chose tomato sauce spaghetti salad for lunch.
 Apparently, it was too much for my wife so I thought I had to deal with what she would have left. I preferred pizza to spaghetti.
These were the scenery from the second floor of the restaurant. As you see,  it is in the midst of farms in the town.


Kitami to Souunkyou !

by Kazu

We left my hometown Kitami City and headed to Souunkyou Valley at the center part of Hokkaido. We can soak your feet in the hot spring foot bath in the hotel area.
For trekkers, the foot bath is not enough to ease the pain and soak their bodies in it. But for tourists, the foot bath is refreshing enough and gets them the second wings.
We dropped by an organic veggie restaurant in Kamifurano. You may have to wait in the line for an hour to savor delicious veggie lunch, watching around the scenery of pastoral area from the restaurant.


What makes me happy and energized !

by Kazu

Daisy ? I am not sure the name of this plants and flowers but they are a kind of chrysanthemum. The trail led to the peak of the mountain.
But I've not tried before. As usual, I stepped down to the stone garden adjacent to the premises of Green Center of Kitami City.
Have you ever heard of Hucho Perryi living in the marsh and river in the eastern part of Hokkaido ?
It is a kind of salmon. You can see them in the aquarium in the Rubeshibe Town of Kitami. You can see them eating rainbow trout there. It is scaring.


As they live on this globe !

by Kazu

It was cloudy in my hometown Kitami City in the morning on that day. The sleepy hollow was very calm but the smell of the woods apparently showed that the creature started to wake up and breathe.
Other than bamboo grasses, a variety of plants were ready to bloom in the darkness of the woods. Some small plants were full-flourished along the trail.
The small flowers were the symbol of the lives in the woods and even give the power and nutrition to the creatures breathing around them.


In the woods 2 !

by Kazu

Staying in the woods make me feel like I became an animal living in nature. But in fact, the animals must be annoyed by bugs.
A variety of creatures were hiding behind the trees, leaves, trunks on the ground and under the ground.
The Green Center of Kitami City is in such circumstances. A prefectural hospital had ben on the premises and patients of tuberculosis had been there for years.